A Brief History of Glenwood Farms

In the 1920's Dr. Richard Cornell Warren purchased the farm on 80 Acres overlooking Cayuga Lake.   During this time the Lehigh Valley Railroad still ran through the farm and the Train Called the "Black Diamond" Ran through on the route that is now called the Black Diamond Trail that adjacent to the farm and is owned by the Reynolds Family.    In the 1930's Richard "Jack" Evans and his wife Dorothy Warren Evans fixed up the old farm house and raised Chickens in their two 4 floor hatcheries.   The farm had fruit trees, grains, vegetables, Cows, milk and eggs.    "Jack" decided that it would be  a good idea to start a farm stand and later a restaurant on Route 89.  They called their place the Glenwood Pines restaurant and used this location to sell excess farm product.  They produced hay for the animals as well.   Circa 1960 Dorothy "did the math" and realized that the farm was not producing more than it cost.   She nearly immediately shut down the operations.

Since this period the fields have been mowed by Uncle Dick (Richard Evans) and the farm had remained nearly frozen in time until around 2001.   During this period their grandson and his family joined the National Bison Association and began building fences, corral and a barn.    The fence and corral completed in 2007 welcomed the farms first Bison in November 2007.   With additional buffalo in the later parts of 2008.   

In July 2008 the Bison were let out of their pasture and the family spent 65 days and hundreds of hours in search of the bison with the hope of  bringing them back to the farm..  The result was that they were able to bring 4 of 17 back to the farm.  Two of the bison were stolen from the family while the family was in search of them.  The individuals were prosecuted and had to return saleable meat and made financial retribution to the family.

The family vowed to triple the herd.   Today there are 70+ animals and the family continues to gather good quality stock from markets from all over the state.