Announcing! New Greater Binghamton Area Dropoff - Bison, Pork, Eggs and Seasonally Chicken and Turkey.

One of our Fans has volunteered to be the location for our Greater Binghamton Area Dropoff which is a monthly site where our CSA Members can meet to pickup there Bison, Pork, Eggs and Seasonally Chicken and Turkey.    We are so thankful to customers like these folks.  For more details email our Greater Binghamton Area Dropoff Coordinator Lady Alex at Glenwoodfarms .com   (All one word no spaces we hate spam too)

Or Call us at 607-272-7809 for more details about our CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture)

Winter Farmers Market @ Ithaca Farmers Market and Central NY Regional Market in Syracuse

Greetings People who like good whole some food and who support BUYING LOCAL IN CNY.   We at Glenwood Farms would like to thank you for your support.   Our 5th Generation Local Family Farm Located on the West Shore of Ithaca, NY in the Town of Ulysses which is in Tompkins County.

Did you know that currently in stock we have BISON Steaks, Roasts, Ground 95% lean burger, Ground 95% lean Sausage... WHAT????? CASH ME OUT!  that's right GUILT FREE SAUSAGE made EVERY time with our 95% lean ground meat.  We have breakfast sausage, maple sausage, Mild Italian Hot Italian and limited supply of Chorizo.

WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY AND THE SUPPORT THAT WE HAVE RECEIVED FROM LOCAL Restaurants and Institutions like Glenwood Pines, The Heights Restaurant, Cornell University.    We are proud of our family history and traditions that have been apart of the community for more than 100 years.    We celebrate Black History Month by letting you know our part of Black History.   Our 5th Generation's Great-Great-Grandfather Dr. Warren delivered Alex Haley the Black Historian who penned the book ROOTS.   This book has been made into at least three mini-series.....   If I remember correctly his book started out I was born in a sleepy little town of Ithaca NY.    Well a lot sure has changed but our farm is still here....

CSA Fair

The CSA fair is fast approaching. With that in mind I highly suggest that folks come to Boynton Middle School on March 14, 12 to 3 if they are considering a CSA option for their family. CSA shares are a great way to help your local farmer while saving some money in the process, and building a closer relationship with the people who make your family food.