Spring 2019 is here and we are excited to serve you as we embark on our next steps as a Farm

Hello Glenwood Tribe,

Well we now have an additional Farm of 208 ac. Our Son Alex and his wife Alex (whom we have given a royal title of Lady Alex. We had to do something as they are both legally Alex.) At any rate congratulations to them on their purchase of a 10 ac farm next to our 208 ac farm. Alex2 (Alex Squared) will be running the 208 ac farm and they have leased their farm to Glenwood Farms in order to facilitate a consolidated effort at the “New Farm”. We hope to raise plenty of healthy protein for our customers out at the farm. This will allow for more grazing and acomodate growth. Mr. Alex is the Glenwood Farms Manager. We as a family support him when we can in his many efforts.

The Bison will be moving to the new farm for the time being… We are studying and applying what we learn of regenerative agriculture to our Glenwood Heights Rd Farm. We hope to plant 8-15 different species of grasses, legumes and grains at our 5th Generation Farm location. As this farm regenerates we will be running Layer and Broiler Chickens and pigs off the Bison Pastures. Once we have balanced nature on those pastures some of the Bison will be back to the Glenwood Heights Rd Farm.

We hope also this year to learn about raising fodder… shhh it is a secret that will be in that big gray container located at the Glenwood Heights Rd. Farm I am sure you are all as curious as the other people.

Well in closing just want you to know that we brough home 6 pigs… er eh scratch that 5 pigs from market yesterday, so we are fully stocked with pork products.

A week or two ago we also came back from the butcher with even more Bison.

And our Chickens are laying….

If you can chicken please sign up at our booth until I figure out how to do it on the website.

If I make mistakes on these blogs please give me a break I am at hour twelve on 5 hours sleep and my spell checker is tired.

Thank you Glenwood Tribe

On Behalf of our Family to yours.


Alex, Lady Alex, Evan, Tammy , Jimi and Max